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Incantation, Jan Mucklestone

Jan Mucklestone


Pastel Summer
Jan Mucklestone

Spirit Breeze, Jan Mucklestone

Spirit Breeze
Jan Mucklestone

The-veil, Jan Mucklestone

The Veil
Jan Mucklestone

Esperanza, Jan Mucklestone

Jan Mucklestone
Giclee on paper
20" X 30"
Graphite on hot press board original available.

Awakenings, Jan Mucklestone

Graphite on illustration board
Framed 20" X 22.5"

white-light, Jan Mucklestone

White Light
Jan Mucklestone
Giclee on paper
15" X 30"

Stolen Kiss, Jan Mucklestone

Stolen Kiss
Jan Mucklestone

The Revealing, Jan Mucklestone

The Revealing
Jan Mucklestone

Shielas-dream, Jan Mucklestone

Sheila's Dream
Oil on Canvas
Unframed 8" X 24"

transcendence, Jan Mucklestone

Jan Mucklestone
Giclee print on canvas
24"x 18" 
Oil on canvas original available.

study-for-transcendence, Jan Mucklestone

Study for Transcendence
Graphite on illustration board
Framed 17.5" X 25.5"

Warmth, Jan Mucklestone

Jan Mucklestone

Jeannie, Jan Mucklestone

Jan Mucklestone

Red-irish, Jan Mucklestone

Red Irish
Jan Mucklestone
15"x 30"
Oil on canvas original
Original sold
Prints available

mary, Jan Mucklestone

Graphite on illustration board
Framed 22" X 27.5"

grand-cafe, Jan Mucklestone

Grand Cafe
Terra Cotta charcoal on illustration board
Framed 28.5" X 38"


Jan Mucklestone - The Artist

Jan Mucklestone, the owner of Gallery 280 and accomplished artist in her own right, believes that surrendering and saying "yes" to life, has continued to make synchronicity her constant companion guiding her on her artistic path.

From her detailed graphite drawings and oil paintings to her fine art prints, her work has been described as "having a languid sensuality coupled with a precise approach to design". The result is an intimate expression translated onto canvas that invites the viewer into a stolen moment.

Jan Mucklestone - Background

A native of Seattle, Miss Mucklestone graduated from the Bassist Institute in Portland where she studied art and fashion apparel. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to work with legendary costume designer Edith Head, replacing Bob Mackie as her sketch artist. In 1991, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and continued developing her company, Illustration Design, providing fashion illustration to such clients as Levi Strauss, Koret of California, and Byer of California. Other corporate clients included the 1996 Olympic Committee in Atlanta, Malco Modes and the Farmers Bank of Thailand.

In addition to advertising and marketing, Miss Mucklestone illustrated three books: "Mastering Your Professional Image" by Diane Parente, and "Chores for Children -- A Positive Approach," by Jeffrey Foster and "All Pets Go To Heaven" by Sylvia Browne.  Miss Mucklestone also conducted historical research on the former prohibition roadhouse, the Moss Beach Distillery, resulting in a very popular segment of "Unsolved Mysteries" featuring renowned psychic, Sylvia Browne. This segment continues to run often on the Lifetime channel. Also featured in Sylvia Browne's book, "Visits From The Afterlife".

Most importantly, enhancing her life path were her inspiring students at the California College of the Arts (formerly the CCAC) where Miss Mucklestone taught advanced fashion illustration for three years in San Francisco prior to relocating to Oregon. Talent, tenacity and personality comprised the students there. "A very lovely and wonderful experience."


"Art has the ability to create a vision of something we can only glimpse with imagination and heart."
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