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  Aldo Luongo
  Carrie Graber
  Emily Ashworth
  Ion Tamaian
  Jan Mucklestone
  James Shirtz
  Jessica Elam
  Jia Lu
  Karin Richardson
  William Allen Selden

Aldo Luongo and his art evoke true emotion with every canvas. He describes his work as possessing strength, vibrancy, and feeling. For him the real journey is told by Aldo’s most recognizable image, Aguilucho or The Hawk, a self portrait of the artist, himself, with the character of the ultimate old man, my future self.

What makes the Hawk so compelling? Look at the eyes – they mirror the soul of a man who has lived a rich, full life and still sees joy in every moment. They are the eyes that create the canvases of Aldo Luongo.

Emily Ashworth - "Expotentialism"© is how Ms. Ashworth describes her paintings. This is her own art form that she has been perfecting for the past seven years. In the creation of her larger prints a small acrylic original is painted. Then the image is digitally expanded, pulled and enlarged. As a gicleé print it is many times the original size. The results are astounding. By expanding the original painting the potential image unfolds. Like using a microscope in a laboratory Emily exposes a created world that would otherwise remain unknown.

Jan Mucklestone - From her detailed graphite drawings and oil paintings to her fine art prints, her work has been described as "having a languid sensuality coupled with a precise approach to design". The result is an intimate expression translated onto canvas that invites the viewer into a stolen moment.

Jia Lu - Unsure how to describe her work, between 1997 and 2000 Jia Lu chose to concentrate on new creations and let the art world decide for itself. She had only begun to work in oils and had a number of themes she wanted to explore, reintegrating the compositions she had developed in her ink paintings, subjects she had explored in her Buddhist designs, and the highly personal, confessional mode she had discoverd in her mixed media work. During this period of intense activity she had time to invite her parents to the United States and now formally studied her father's own impressionist painting techniques, particularly his use of color and looser brushwork.



"Art has the ability to create a vision of something we can only glimpse with imagination and heart."
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